What is the ‘alpha state’?


The alpha state is a natural human ability, thanks to which the human mind is capable of attaching information in deep memory. Therefore what we learn in alpha state is maintained in the long term memory, and you don’t forget it so easily. We learn to speak in this state in our childhood.


How long is a course?


It all depends on you. We are flexible, and try to find the best schedule for you! Ideally the curriculum for individuals is 2x2 lessons a week or  2x3 lessons a week for a group. In this case the course can be finished in 8 weeks.


Is it possible to change between levels?


We select the level and the difficulty of lessons continuously, as passive knowledge comes up during the course. Therefore you may go up several levels in one module. For example: A student who has a high school language exam, and hasn’t used it for 5 years would not be able to speak at a job interview. In one course however, we can refresh and develop his/her knowledge to a higher level, so he/she won’t have any trouble at an interview.


How many levels are there?


We are able to meet needs from beginner to advanced level. Is verbal communication your goal? Do you need to take a language exam?  Would you like to go abroad to work or would you like to use it in your work? Everything is possible with us! In one module, there are 15 topics, which can get you close to 800-word active vocabulary which you will be able to use in given situations instinctively.


Can everyone reach an alpha state?


Yes! The alpha state is a natural human skill, without which we would not have learnt to speak and we couldn’t sleep. We actually have the ability to teach you to effectively use the alpha state.


How much do I have to learn at home?


Nothing is given for free in life, but you won’t have to learn words at home! We’ll ask you to listen to the audio of the lessons a few times a day, but still, considerably less energy is needed. We have developed a highly effective 10-15 minute session opportunities, which are perfectly developed and support the course.


What do these lesson look like?


Our specially designed educational methodology means that you don’t have to spend hours at home learning words, writing homework. It’s enough to listen to the audio files from us, just 10 minutes 3-4 times a week and during the course our teachers will give ideas and tips according to the individuals needs.


Is it a problem if I have to suspend my course?


No, it’s not. Since the knowledge gained here is  in our deep memory, even if some time is left out, knowledge can be re-activated in a few hours and the learning can continue. The ideal - as with everything - is a regular, continuous learning, but a few weeks' off will not affect the pace of progress and knowledge acquisition.


Will I remember the acquired knowledge years later even if I don’t use it?


Yes! The knowledge you gain here you won’t forget, because it stays in deep memory, the same place where we stored information in our childhood, when the brain is like a sponge. On  the teacher lesson the knowledge is activated and can be done so in the future as well!