Who is this course for?

For those who:

  • would like a successful language exam
  • are bored with the monotonous school hours
  • are planning to work abroad, and the condition of the job is the knowledge of the language
  • need confident language skills in business negotiations
  • travel a lot, and it is important when travelling to speak foreign language(s)
  • would like to excel at the workplace with their language skills


Our offers for individual and group language courses:


  • Voyage package (adventurous travellers)
  • Maestro package (for work ​​abroad)
  • Exam pack (language examinees)
  • Pro Pack (Students)
  • Dr. package (medical) Coming soon
  • Business Package (Businessman)
  • Visit package (health professionals) Coming soon
  • Tourism package (catering industry workers) Coming soon
  • Build Package (construction workers) Coming soon


A language course processes 15 themes/topics, which are set to meet our students' needs and goals. Those who choose the individual curriculum take part in 15 studio lessons, each 60-minute in length, and 15 + 5 teacher lessons, each 60-minute in length. Group (a group number can be 2-6 people) learners also have 15 studio lessons, each 60-minute in length, and 30 teacher lessons, which are 45-minute each, to go over the themes/topics.

Speaking oriented English lesson