At Telepathy Language School we combine the alternative and traditional language teaching methods. The base of the education is Silva's Mind control (

In the first step of the learning process the students see and hear the foreign language in a relaxed state. During this relaxation - similar to if you hear a song on the radio, for the second time you recognize it, and third time you already sing along to it - what you hear and see will go into your unconscious.



What is the secret to everything we see and hear is actually embedded in the unconscious mind?


Mind control experts and teachers agree that in order for us to remember something, some (preferably positive) emotion is needed to connect it to the material: it should be interesting. The first step is to feel that you are in the country of which the language you would like to speak, in a situation in which you would like to be or probably will be. Meanwhile, you are not completely left alone, as the text you see and hear is also in your mother tongue. From here, it's only a few steps and you can speak. During the fun teaching classes, each of which is a fictional journey, the words and phrases become conscious and the passive knowledge becomes active,

How can we use /activate  later the curriculum from the unconscious?

Whenever we find ourselves in a linguistic environment, or just need to learn to speak our language, our brain "switches" unknowingly. As a result of previous positive experiences we will be able to say what we would like, and we also understand what others are saying to us. Therefore the vocabulary can’t be forgotten, we just need an external or internal impulse to bring out what we have learned.

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