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Discover the practical, joyful and effective learning experience with us! Personal experiences prompted us to create a school where the optimal combination of different training methods enable us to grasp a useful knowledge in a quick way, where we ourselves would be happy to learn.


Who is this school ideal for?


For those who

  • need an effective knowledge quickly,
  • have little free time next to work and family,
  • have tried, but abandoned traditional learning methods,
  • would like to take part in a high standard education,
  • would like to use their acquired knowledge without problems years later,
  • although they have a language exam, hardly remember anything.



What can this school give you?


  • amazing results in a few weeks
  • language learning in alpha state
  • a fun learning experience
  • You will get useful language skills, and this is not just a promise
  • the curriculum is tailored to your needs
  • Within 1-2 months an active vocabulary of 800-1000 words (in  the traditional method this would be equivalent to 200 + hours, plus preparation for the lessons at home)


All this sounds too good to be true? Well, this is definitely worth a try. Let us invite you for a free trial lesson, where you can make sure that we really are serious about your learning!

The Telepathy Language School Team

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